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Partner / Pilot

For you who like to fly, GoFlyHub open its wings to offer you a new flight modality; practical, secure and inexpensive at your reach for less than you'll believe.

Today, being an airplane owner generates expenses such as; Maintenance, Hangar, Insurance, Tenure and more, that easily grow at an accelerated pace, and evenmore demand too much time. At ground, at GoFlyHub, you will not have to worry about this, you just prepare youself to enjoy the flights.

At GoFlyHub, your flight is secure, comfortable and pleasurable, because we have new generation equipments available for you! Join and grow with us.

First, Security.

Today's airplanes are designed and built to comply with the highest standars stablished by the World's Aeronautic Authorities.

The new technology such as the GPS, automatic pilot, make Aerial Navigation more secure than ever.

That is why at GoFlyHub we have selected only new-technology airplanes, to make your flight secure, trustable and efficient, because our equipment has the most detailed and careful mainenance, managed by a team of Aviation professionals.

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